5 things to listen to and learn to improve your career while on vacation

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Now that the end of the year has come, it can be said that Myanmar has entered the peak season of office holidays. weekend Taengtai holiday The end of the year is really a time to look forward to for office workers, as they can take the annual leave if they still have the Christmas holiday and the international New Year holiday.

Since I spent almost a whole year at work from morning to evening, I want to spend time with my family during the end of the year holidays, or do things that I have been meaning to do for the whole year (for example, cleaning the closet and room that I haven’t cleaned all year), or I want to learn things that will be useful in my career path (for example, content writing, data visualization) or I want to prepare for finding a new job. That’s why I want to share 5 podcasts that will be very useful for those who are thinking about what to study to improve their career path this weekend.

1. Coaching for Leaders

In this podcast, you will be able to listen to interesting topics related to leadership and management from experts in many fields. For those of you who are taking on management responsibilities at your job, this podcast can help guide you to better leadership skills.

2. Learn Education Discover

It is a resource for learning the thoughts of business professionals currently working in various business sectors. Every sector of the business has collected and shared informative information.

3. The McKinsey Podcast

As soon as you see the word McKinsey, you will already know that it is a very successful international business consulting organization. From that organization, it is a great treasure trove of knowledge that they share in all aspects of the business they face.

4. BBC Daily Business

family work on the weekend housework When you’re busy with your own work, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening around the world, especially business news. So, this podcast broadcasted daily by the BBC can keep you connected with the latest news and is very useful for learning English.

5. How I Build This with Guy Raz

Full of interesting and informative new ideas, this NPR Podcast features host Guy Raz interviewing top business leaders to find out how they’ve improved their companies’ organizations internationally and locally.

Listening to podcasts is a way of learning about the topics you want to know about without having to devote time to it. You can listen while doing housework or while driving. Also, since the podcasts that I have just mentioned are in English, you will have already practiced your English speaking skills. Also, if you are thinking of watching a movie for fun in the coming holidays, here are some great movies that will give you motivation for your career path and life .

Ah…so…anyone thinking about finding new, better jobs this coming weekend? So, check out the jobs that are being recruited at the end of this year here . Or if you are thinking of filling out your CV for the new year, you can definitely learn how to write a CV for the new year here .

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