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The purpose of an interview is to be a place where you can express your work experience and educational qualifications that are relevant to the job you are applying for, as well as a place where you can make yourself noticed among equal job applicants.

When talking in an interview, if you have a good communication relationship between yourself and the person who will be asking you, it should be more than yourself. It can help you notice. Connecting with your interviewer can help you see how well you fit into their work culture.

If you feel comfortable talking, the interview will help you a lot. Instead of focusing too much on the role of the person interviewing you and what aspects of yourself will be hired, don’t forget to show interest in what the person is talking to.

Now… So let’s learn how to start a friendly conversation to get the interviewer to notice you…

Talk about a vacation

Sometimes your interview is on the weekend. It usually happens after a Sunday or after a long holiday weekend. So, if the interviewer starts the conversation about the vacation, don’t stop there. Add a little of your own vacation experience and start a warm conversation. But it doesn’t mean that everything has to be said a lot. Also, tell him you hope he has a good weekend. Don’t ask questions to avoid seeming curious. Show a friendly, caring personality. If he doesn’t start, start showing interest.

Talk about food

Food is a topic that brings people together well. It can make the best of creating a friendly conversation. For example, if the hiring manager asks, “Is it convenient to come to the office?”, if you are familiar with the area and know some good restaurants nearby, answer in a friendly manner, “It is convenient to come… I am also familiar with this area… because there are people coming to eat at this (……….) shop near the top of the road… I don’t know if you should go there” and so on. So, the person who will ask for an interview will want to relate this statement to himself. You can remember me and thank you later.

Tell me about yourself

Another way to make it a friendly conversation is to talk about yourself. If you approach it in the right way, this method can help you connect with the interviewer. Because it leads to strong, good, true memories.

Conversation starters don’t just have to be at the beginning of the interview. Once you’ve established a connection with the interviewer, you can also end the interview by asking thought-provoking questions to make it seem obvious. For example – favorite slogan about career path; During the post-interview conversation, ask questions like: What has been successfully implemented? 

Now that most foreign companies are entering Myanmar, most local companies are appointing foreign experts with international business experience in management positions in order to penetrate the international business market. Due to these circumstances, when he is called for an interview, he may meet with foreign interviewees. According to their culture, especially most Western cultures, they often talk and learn about a person’s qualities and creativity. Good conversational skills and the ability to add a decent sense of humor to your speech also show off your creativity.

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