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1. Studying job news

If someone who is lucky enough to win the lottery doesn’t win the lottery, they won’t be able to win the lottery. Similarly, a person who wants a new job does not study what companies in the market are recruiting for new jobs. If you don’t investigate, you may miss out on new opportunities and not be able to apply for jobs. Also, in a competitive and demanding market, if you don’t know the job news in real time, you can delay your new job application. Most job seekers think that sometimes there are no job offers. Regardless of the circumstances, there are companies that are hiring for jobs that are really needed. The main thing is to be aware of the information that is being collected in time.

2. Not reading job postings thoroughly

Once you have learned about the job opportunities in the market, the next thing to do is to carefully choose the job that suits you and apply. When searching for a job, what most job seekers say is that most of the jobs they are applying for are not suitable for them. In fact, when looking for a job that suits you, rather than just looking at the job title listed in the job application, you must carefully read the description of the responsibilities you will have to perform in it. This is because sometimes companies use words that are commonly used in their office when recruiting, and if the job seeker is not familiar with that term, they may skip the job because it is not suitable for them. For example, in some organizations, instead of the position name of Sales Manager, they are called Customer Development Manager.

3. Not preparing a good CV and cover letter

If you don’t read job descriptions carefully, you won’t be able to write effective CVs and cover letters. When you send your CV and cover letter to HR that do not match the job description, your chances of getting an interview are slim. This is what most job seekers say, “Apply for the right job.” I was not called for an interview. Why?” is the answer to the question. Therefore, carefully read the job description of each job you are applying for and prepare your CV and cover letter according to each job.


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