How can you work together with someone you don’t like?

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Is there someone at work that you don’t trust? Working with someone you don’t like can be confusing and frustrating. Even though there are people at work that I’m allergic to, there are times when I get to work with them. Now, due to Myanmar’s economic development, many foreign companies have entered the country more than before. Many organizations are also multicultural and interact with colleagues who have different cultures and social views. If you use the right methods, you can have a productive working relationship, even if you have to work with someone you’re allergic to.

1. Control your behavior

His behavior in response to a horrible co-worker is sometimes mildly awkward and sometimes violently explosive. Control your behavior for such situations. No matter how annoying the other person is, don’t think about their behavior and just focus on how you react. Do daily calming exercises to manage your behavior It can handle stress and improve your performance.

2. Keep what you don’t like in your mind

Avoid grumbling about your dissatisfaction to other colleagues when you are working unsatisfactorily. For example: “I can’t look at that one at all. Do not talk to others during breaks or meals. Emotions are contagious, so it’s like making someone else angry. Another thing is that because of talking about a person in the office like that, people will view him negatively. If you want to open up and discuss your worries, find friends outside the office who can give you solid advice and discuss them.

3. Spend more time with them

One of the best ways to help someone who is allergic to you is to work together on a mutually supportive work project. Even if you don’t want to meet that person face to face, working together can help you understand and empathize with him more. Instead of anger, you may feel sympathy for that person. You can find out the reasons why he is behaving like this – for example, stress at home or pressure from his boss. If someone tends to bother you, it’s not a bad idea to stay away from them. But if you spend a lot of time working together with your enemy and you’re satisfied with him, it’s a good experience for you.

4. Consider letting him know your point of view         

If the methods above don’t work, consider expressing your opinions about the co-worker. As a professional, try to calmly tell him how his behavior at work is bothering you. Some people don’t even realize that their behavior is annoying to others. If you tell them calmly and carefully, they may become more self-aware and change to become desirable to others. But when speaking like that, you have to be careful and use words that will be sweet and effective to the other person’s ears.

5. Just try not to care

In the final situation, when the person is neither sweet nor sour, they don’t care at all about what the person does, and practice the art of indifference. By ignoring his annoying behavior, those things will no longer reach him and will dissipate.

Even within his own family, each other’s thoughts, Attitudes are different. A workplace made up of people from different places and backgrounds is even more likely to have different behaviors and attitudes. In such an environment, I encourage you not to worry about what you can control, but to do the best you can with your own mind and build your own career path.

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